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We Win, We Build, We Send
Today we live in darkest age. We call college students as a “Powerful Percent.” Although they are less than 3% of the world population, they are the ones who will be the leaders of the future in various areas such as politics, economy, law, entertainment, technology, engineering, education, and, etc. The university campus is a great missionary force where students are being raised and sent to reach the world for Christ. However, this great missionary force is becoming an evil and dangerous place now. They are experiencing spiritual darkness. Numerous college students are suffering with spiritual warfare, depression, sexual temptation, aimless, emptiness, loneliness, fear, anger, and insecurity. We believe that the only way to solve these problems for this dark generation of today is Christ Jesus.


Every morning, students gather to meditate on Scripture and begin the day with the power of prayer.

Weekly gathering to worship the Lord through praise and hearing the Word of God and fellowship with brothers and sisters in the campus where our students spend the most time. The purpose of this time is to connect students to God, and connect them to others so that they can grow in Christ together as one body.

SOON is a life group like a spiritual family that loves, trains, and grows together. SOONJANG (Discipler) makes disciples through life of love, prayer, witnessing of Christ, and commitment to the Lord.

It is a weekly gathering for prayer movement dedicated to ‘standing in the gap’ and continually raising up intercessors for our campuses, churches, families, and all nations. All campuses gather together and pray for the city.

Every week, we challenge and lead our involved students to go out and share the Gospel intentionally. This is the one of key identity of our ministry.

It is the central institution for the campus ministry during the school year. It is a place where student leaders live together in a household governed by the spirit of love. It is also a spiritual “boot camp” for building loving, caring, responsible and well-disciplined soldiers of Christ through the deep fellowship and accountability.



Tuesdays / 7:30-9:00PM / LSE B01


Grace Lee (Representative)


Mondays / 6:30-8:00PM / Stokes S461


Jasmine Jeon (Representative)


Wednesdays / 8:00-9:30PM / Dodge 050 (Basement)


Kevin Kwon (President)